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Food, drink & Still Life

Still life photography, not know as the "glamorous" side of the photographic industry, but I love it.

The challenge of telling a story with one static image, is a challenge I enjoy every day. Our studio, which is just outside Glasgow, is geared up still life photography.

Having been a co-owner/director of the largest photographic studio in Scotland, there is not a lot I haven't been asked to photograph, from a "smiling" tomato to "charged" bottle of water. We specialise in food, product, still life and bottle/drink photography. Our studio lighting and facilities have been specifically designed for that purpose.

Take a tour through the stills and video galleries and see the variety of work we undertake.

Bottle Photography

A few people have commented that I'm never happier unless I have a bottle in my hand. The truth is, I'm never happier unless I'm photographing one.

Have a look at my Drinks Gallery and you'll see what I mean.

Photographing Food

Food is always an exciting challenge. It just won't do what you want it to do.

But with the help of a good food stylist, it does eventually, but you really don't want to eat if afterwards!!

Take a peek at the Food folio.

Still Life

Q. Shiny objects, SHINY OBJECTS!!! Why do designers make round shiny objects.

A. To upset of photographers :)

Have a look at my Still Life challenges.

0011_Still Life LG011.jpg
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