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My Photography

For over 40 years I have specialised in still-life photography. I’ve worked with some of Scotland’s major whisky, food and manufacturing companies, including Whyte & Mackay, Beam Suntory, Grants Food and Linn Products. All these companies demand an extremely high standard of photography, which I have supplied them for many years.

While my studio and specialist equipment have been designed to handle all types of still life photography, I also do quite a bit of location photography for companies including Spaceright Europe and Terex.

Below are a few examples of the commissions that I have been asked to undertake, but there are many more examples in my galleries. 


D8 Design recently commissioned me to photograph a new range of Chef’s Choice catering products for Grants Foods Ltd, renowned for their haggis dishes. If you’ve been involved in food photography, you’ll know there’s more to it than hits the palette:

  • Work with a food stylist who’ll make sure dishes look appetising and fit perfectly with any label graphics

  • Ensure that any important elements that need to be in the shot will be – if not, you may find them covered by graphics or barcodes further down the line

  • Ask yourself, is it a fair representation of what customers will get?

  • Oh, and don’t taste the food after it’s been shot!

Food photography is always challenging but with careful attention to detail, good lighting and styling, results can look great. 



With only 650 bottles to its name, Tobermory 42YO whisky is a truly limited edition. Something else rather special is the beautifully crafted packaging it comes in. However, the high-shine, textured, metallic finish threw a few challenges my way, as did the metallic engraving on the actual bottle. The key here was lighting, finding the perfect balance to show detail and finish off to their best.


Still Life

Scottish-based LAT_56 make premium range travel bags and accessories. They asked me to do product shots for their new travel suitcase for airline pilots which offers separate business and leisure packing space. LAT_56‘s reputation is built on their distinct look and meticulous design. To show off the quality and unique texture of their suitcase, I opted for a black background – while photographing black on black can be a challenging exercise in lighting, it’s also an effective way of drawing out a product’s unique characteristics. 

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