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the Studio

The studio has been built in our old barn, which parts of the building stretch back to 1648, when the farm was originally built. It looks out to our courtyard and is a very pleasant place to work.

There is ample room to handle the all the photography I undertake and you’ll be very comfortable while I work on the lighting and composition of your items.

There are kitchen facilities for food photography and endless cups of tea, coffee and biscuits.

The studio is equipped with specialist equipment, designed for still life photography and 

Wi-Fi is available for you to keep in touch with your office or consult with colleagues.

We are 8 miles from Glasgow and just 2 miles from the M80

Next-door to the studio is my workshop when I spend most of my time when not  taking photographs. You may even walk away with a complementary piece of my woodturning after a busy day in the studio.

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