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Katrina is my niece and Helenmary's daughter, she has suffered with ME for over 26 years. Helenmary enjoys painting and I spend my time in the workshop turning bowls, pens, boxes and much more. As the volume of painting and woodturning increased, we decided to sell our items we make to raise money for ME research. Buying a painting or turned item won't make a huge difference to you, but could help change Katrina's life.

When you buy an item marked Charity 100% of the marked price will go to ME Research UK. The cost of other items that are for sale will go towards running and maintaining this website.

Please read Katrina's story and watch the interview which will give you an insight to how ME has affected Katrina and her familie's life.

Amount raised so far:- £1040.00

Katrina's Story

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I went to Zimbabwe in 1995 and contracted a common parasite that was not tested by my GP. After the acute illness I was very fatigued, had pain in my knees, hands, hips and elbows and I was very confused and forgetful. After about 1 year I was diagnosed with Myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS). I was prescribed physio because it was thought that my body was de-conditioned but this was stopped by the physiotherapist after 3 weeks because it was making me weaker. I found pacing out my activity with short jobs like study for 20 minutes and then resting helped as well as altering my diet. Me and my husband now live in Finland with our 2 children. I am able to leave the house for once or twice a week for 2-3 hours in my electric wheelchair and I have an assistant who helps for 6 hours a day with housework and childcare. My husband also has to help a great deal in the home. There is little reliable research due to lack of financial support from governments  and agencies and this means that patients receive no or dangerous treatment. For more information the video below will explain my illness  and experiences  in more detail. 

To see Kartina's story, please click here.

Video will be shown in You Tube.

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